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2014 Katalog indir

CAM 491 aluminium stamped series

Serie CAM 491 aluminio estampado

The CAM 491 gas valves series are design to be used in gas grills. There are different series depending on the final application:

  • 49110 series - straight outlet
  • 49117 series - 17º outlet
  • 49120 series - 20º outlet
  • 49140 series - 40º outlet
  • 49150 series - 50º outlet
  • 49170 series - 70º outlet
  • 49180 series - 80º outlet
  • 49190 series - 2 outlets at 90º (3 ways).

Variable flow max. for LP 35,000 BTUs and for Natural Gas 25,000 BTUs.

Counter clockwise opening valve by means of a pushing to start rotation (safety) and a mechanical limit of the spindle.

0° at 70° and 90° max. opening, with or without detent and rotation limit at the end.

Turns from 70°, 90° up to 270°, clicking possible.

Dual valve: just one system for both NG/LP gas (NG at 210° and LP at 270°).

Max. operating temperature: 150°C.

Rotation diagram according to customers needs.

Pressure: LP 11” WC and Natural Gas 7” WC (other pressures for Europe and Mexico markets).


Gas grill, built in gas grills.