1963’den beri gazlı pişiricilerde uzman

50 yıl önce 40 kişilk bir grup bir araya gelerek bir proje başlattılar; pişiriciler için gaz musluğu üretimi.

Gas Musluk Katalog

Ana Gaz Alüminyum Boru Katalog



Switch harnesses push system series

Switch harnesses push system series

Copreci has developed a range of switch harnesses that allow a quick assembly and adjustment to the hob, which assures the quality product and the performances of the whole appliance.

The pushing switch harnesses are specially designed for manually controlled systems.

There are different models depending on the function of the component: safety gas valve, without safety, for built-in hobs, for free-standing cookers...

Completely customized, distances, switch type...

Max. working temperature: up to 130 ºC.

Isolating cables made in silicon.


Free standing cooker, built-in hob, oven.