Evinizin kalbi

"Şömineniz evinizin kalbidir"
Frank Lloyd Wright

2014 Katalog indir

Gas control system for heater - Ecoflow series


The new generation of Multifunctional Gas Controls has been designed to meet the multiple requirements of the GAS HEATER and GAS LOG sector.

They are controls which incorporate flame modulation, electronic ignition, thermostatic control, remote control and thermoelectric safety.

  • Radio frequency remote control.
  • Flame modulation from the motorised valve.
  • Single knob control. Instantaneous ignition.
  • Automatic / remote switch -off.
  • Battery powered. Low power consumption.
  • Electronics equipped with micro-processor.
  • Thermostatic control.
  • Flame adjustment from the knob.
  • Gas flow modulation.
  • Power range of 8 000-40 000 Btu/h.
  • Thermoelectric safety device.


Infrared / Blue flame / Gas log.